Magic Toyshop small.jpg

The Magic Toyshop

Self-initiated redesign


I designed a cover for The Magic Toyshop for my portfolio back in 2015. In January 2018 I took part in a weekly challenge run by lettering artist Lauren Hom called HOMwork. One assignment was to redesign a piece that you finished more than a year earlier. I had recently taken the old design down from my website, as it no longer represented my skill level, but I still loved the book and thought I'd have a crack at redesigning it.

There wasn’t a strict brief for this project, but I wanted to retain the essence of the original. I liked what I was trying to do initially, just not the execution.

The old design (left) vs the new one (right).

The old design (left) vs the new one (right).


This was one of the last designs I made before switching to digital, so this is a sketchbook drawing in ink. I then scanned it and did all the colours and background in Photoshop.


I guess this goes to show how much difference a couple of years can make. ★

Do you need a book cover designed?