Creating that sweet, sweet work/life balance as a freelancer

This whole work/life balance thing can be hard sometimes, so in this video I decided to create some rules around how I’m using social media. I’ve been having all kinds of issues with my neck, shoulders and upper back, which has been causing tingling and pain in my hands – not ideal for someone who works with their hands all day.

While hard work is SUPER important when you’re setting up a business, it’s also imperative to set up sustainable habits so that you don’t burn out or end up having to quit.

Here are my social media rules, at least for now:

  1. No post on Sundays. Do you like my Harry Potter reference? This basically means no social media all day on Sunday.

  2. No screen in the bedroom. Again, this applies mostly to social media. Scrolling though Instagram before bed isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep, so I want to cut that out.

  3. No screen 1 hour before or after sleep. As with number 2, this is to improve my sleep quality and give my hands a break from using my phone.

  4. Check Instagram twice a day at set times. I suspect this one will be the hardest habit to kick, but it’s so important for avoiding mindless scrolling.




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