Harry Potter Book Cover Challenge

For the jolly month of July I am doing a Harry Potter themed 31 day challenge. This is based along the lines of Inktober. Each day I will have a different Hogwarts textbook, or text mentioned in the Harry Potter books or films, and I will create a new cover design in ink.  



  • To improve my lettering and inking skills.

  • To make daily posts on Instagram and potentially reach more people.

  • To have a set of designs at the end of the month that I can publish in a booklet.

  • To have a set of drawings ready to be made into final designs for my portfolio.



  • Drawings must be completed in ink, but can be sketched in pencil first.

  • I am allowed to sketch and plan ahead of time. The finished drawings must be posted to social media daily in July with the hashtag #hpbookcovers.

  • Each drawing will be a lettering piece that will fit into the portrait format of a book cover.

  • The vision is for these to be able to be printed in one or two colours onto a single-colour background, giving the set of drawings a cohesive vintage look.


  • Drawings are modelled on vintage book covers from the late 19th Century/early 20th Century. Here is the Pinterest board of influential covers.