Making The Lie Tree Cover

Costa Prize winning Frances Hardinge’s The Lie Tree was one of my favourite reads of 2016. As I was listening to the audiobook for the second time (it really is that good) I was struck by the image of Faith’s paper theatre. I was inspired, and set about building one of my own.

I researched paper theatres of the Victorian era, which is a fascinating Google image search, and drew from a number of different designs to create this hybrid. For pattern inspiration I used this Thames and Hudson book about poison and wallpaper in Victorian England. This provided a plethora of different ideas for both colour and style.

The illustrations were done on a white craft card with Copic Markers, and the linework with black fineliner. I cut out each element and put them together into a 3D structure, which I then photographed. A couple of final tweaks were made in Photoshop and voila!

The paper theatre itself isn’t fully functional, as the elements are stationary, but I am intrigued by this medium, and keen to do more explorations within it.